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This is not correct the good fighter at that time could be cost 100 - 200 Baht, equal to today US$12 - US$25 or even more costly .









    This may not correct, Plakad lukmoh was the successive perfection of development of Plakad pah or wild caught betta. Because if the breeder cross-breed with Plakad pah again. The outcome of the whole batch will become weaker and not so tough.  
    The cross breed Plakad lukmoh with Plakad pah or wild caught betta is called hybrid,  in Thai word call "Sangasi" or in short "Pla sang". The main intention of breeding hybrid is to fight with Plakad pah. Because the pattern of the hybrid type is very close to Plakad pah some even look the same as Plakad pah but half of it is the real fighter. The hard core breeder using it to deceiving a foolish gambler.  However, hybrid type can not fight with Plakdd lukmoh.
    In short, hybird type is the middle range between Plakad lukmoh and Pladad pah. It is superior if fighting with Plakad pah, which is lower grade in fighting capability.
    If we take the beauties of the fish into our consideration. You will find that hybrid type get the nature of brightness, sparkling and the enthusiastically habit  from Betta Imbellis.  The owner of  wild caught betta  surely must fully agree with me. On the other hand, hybrid type has been obtained the strength from Plakad lukmoh or short fin Betta splendens.  These two characteristics mold the hybrid type look super great.


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