This section should be called glossary page because it is giving some comment that I could not put in the main story. I take my own privilege to do not categorize the pictures.  However in the future when this page is growing up I may have to rearrange them after all.  
A bird eyes view of Betta splendens' kingdom in the river call "Bang Pa Kong" in "Cha Chueng Sao" province or in the former name "Pad Rew"(100 kms from Bangkok). Without any documentary support, the tale "Pad Rew" was the first emergence of Modern Plakat Thai or captive Betta splendens.  "Plakat Pad Rew" follow its province name, was so famous and well known that hardly to defeat. "Dang Pad Rew" (Red color bred from Pad Rew) was the renowned fighter (now become rare color). Today, modern agricultural industry take over the traditional breeding fighting fish of the villager.  But theirs' strain already has spread all over the country.  The legend of Plakat Thai owed its name on "Plakat Pad Rew".   
Local fighting ring is a meeting place of the breeders on  sharing their enjoyment in the weekend. One of the recognizable breeder’s house is selected by the members to setup the ring.  The ring is not merely taking part on fighting fish of the breeders but playing a significant role as an information center in the village. Villager  are sharing their experiences and knowledge. The dialogue topic often are: tips on training, keeping, rearing and breeding fighting fish, political economy, contemporary world affairs etc.  The discussion are stirring with the joke and the full of laugh.  Of course it is a place for exchange the best stock and trading among the members.
I have seen this oval glass since I was 5 years old. This glass was used to keep the drinking water cooler. It has short neck for pouring the water when we turn it up side down to a cooler basin.  The breeder cut the bottle necks by soak the rope with kerosene. Then he burns the rope and throws the cold water at once when the rope was burned almost completely. Waiting about 20 minutes then he gently taps at the bottleneck on the rope line that was burned. The bottleneck broken out as you can see at the picture. The breeder uses this glass for training or even breed the fighter.  Nowadays this oval glass becomes antique charm and hardly obtain. Many breeders refuse to sell even the buyer offer him a very good price.
I met this wild flower on the way walk through the Betta smaragdina pond in a village in Sakon Nakorn province.  I could not passing by without took some pictures of such a splendid flower. I learned more that even we were walking around the massive thorn plants but we still could find the beauty in it. 
I went to visit a primary school in the rural area in Pimai district belonging to the Nakorn Rajsima province, one of the richest cultures of Thai/Khmer in the northeastern of Thailand. My friend told me that her schoolboys like to catch Plakat (Betta smaragdina) in a side of dike dam behind theirs' school.  Her persuasion fascinates me enough to catch the bus from Bangkok to visit her after two days. This was  just to see and shot some pictures of the children playing around the running water.  A picture called me back to a young boy day. The difference was only I played in Bangkok in which nowadays it is impossible to see this scene.

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